Collier History

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Owned and operated by Yvonne and Jerry Collier, who are joined by their son Eric, Collier Roofing is a family business specializing in commercial and industrial roofing. The Colliers realize that employees and customers are key to the success of their company and treat them accordingly.

The average employee tenure at Collier Roofing is 17 years. All employees undergo extensive background screening which qualifies every member of the installation team to work on all projects including Federal, schools, multi-family residential, hotels or other security-sensitive jobs. Each project is assigned a dedicated team so you never have to wonder who will be working on your building’s roof or interacting with your tenants each day.

As a Tennessee Drug-Free Workplace, all Collier employees are carefully selected and monitored to assure the consistency of quality installations for which we are known. Our on-going commitment to safety is reflected in our low worker’s compensation Mod Rating. Training is given top priority to ensure the correct and consistent installation of our roofing systems.


Interior Shot - Collier Roofing Office

Collier Roofing Office

What makes Collier Roofing different?

Few building owners factor in the short-term costs – both time and money – of complaints, angry tenants, irritated property managers, repairs, and other issues that in the end make a cheap roof more costly!

A high quality, professionally installed roof should exceed the duration of its warranty with little need for a visit from your roofing company. If your roof is installed correctly, you should have a hard time remembering who your contractor was because without the need for repairs, you would have no need to contact your installer – other than to install additional roofs!